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Our Mission

Our Mission is to build the most engaged community of shop owners dedicated to growth and centered on value.

Why We Exist

To provide a place for members to:

  • Dream
  • Grow
  • Learn
  • Play
  • Share


Our Beliefs or standards, principles, qualities considered worthwhile. Which values are so inherent in your organization that if they disappeared, your organization would cease to exist as it is?

    Providing direction, support and resources while helping to feed member strengths and overcome weaknesses.
    A conduit through which member concerns and questions are heard and addressed.
    Cumulative effort to provide training and shed insight on our industry - driving our mission into our communities, resulting in Business Growth.
    Building relationships with other owners to reach maximum potential and gain community support.
    “Say what your going to do- do what you say.” Providing this through excellent communication of reporting and accountability.
    Transparency in our beliefs and setting a standard to strongly uphold.

About Us

NAPA was founded in 1925 and is a premier auto parts manufacturer and distributor in the United States. You've come to trust the quality and craftsmanship they've devoted to the automobile industry. NAPA is bringing that same quality know-how to local, auto repair centers across the nation with NAPA AutoCare. NAPA AutoCare centers are dedicated, reliable repair shops that have joined together under NAPA quality standards to serve you better.

NAPA AutoCare Atlanta is a group of select independent business owners in the Metro-Atlanta area Auto Mechanic industry that uphold the NAPA code of ethics including high-quality diagnostic and repair service at a fair price, integrity, ASE certified technicians, dedication to customer satisfaction, high repair standards, maintaining proper insurance and a clean, safe and comfortable customer facility, continuing education for technicians, courteous and efficient staff professionals, and more to become partners and participants in the NAPA AutoCare program.

As part of the NAPA AutoCare Center program, all shops offer a nationwide warranty on qualified parts and service to keep our customers safe while traveling - even when out of town. Our warranty is honored at over 13,000 NAPA AutoCare Center locations across the country.

Technicians are ACE certified and participate in continuing education through NAPA sponsored training and more to ensure customers are provided with cutting-edge diagnostic and repair services. Our professionals offer the best customer service in the business. It is the group's goal to maintaining expertise and integrity while treating customers with respect as if they were our own family.

Put NAPA Know-How under your hood. Find the trusted NAPA AutoCare service center near you by visiting the Our Locations page.